Section One

April 8, 2005

Volume 33,
Issue 14

Sat, Feb 27, 2016


CALLING ALL DYKES! - The Seattle Dyke March needs you
by Tina Gianoulis

What is it you love about the Dyke March? The chance to participate in a more politically oriented, multi-issue demonstration than the Gay Pride parade? The community feeling as Dykes begin to gather for the rally, greeting old friends with hugs, and smiling to see all the Dykes you don’t know? Hearing rousing speeches from the rally stage, as Dykes from various parts of the community talk about their issues and their work? Whistling and cheering at the hot rally entertainment? The powerful feeling of solidarity you get marching in the streets to the rhythm of Dyke drums and Dyke chants?

All of these things make the Dyke March special. However, many of us who look forward to the march every year don’t spend a lot of time thinking about who organizes the event. There has been a Dyke March in Seattle on the Saturday before the Gay Pride parade since 1993, and each year a slightly different group of Dykes has volunteered time to plan the event.

This year the question arises again—who will organize the Dyke March? For the past few years, a local organization called Dyke Community Activists has helped to plan the march. However, DCA cannot organize the march without help. It is a large and complex community event, which can be totally overwhelming for a small organizing group. However, as the saying goes, many Dyke hands make light work, and a larger coalition of community groups could divide the work and make organizing the march quite manageable. In addition, a larger group of diverse Dykes could create a far more inclusive and relevant event.

In this spirit, Dyke Community Activists is calling a meeting to discuss organizing Dyke March 2005. The meeting is planned for Sunday, April 10, 4:00-6:00 p.m. at the LGBT Center at 1115 E. Pike St. For more information call (206) 910-3937.

All those who identify as Dykes are welcome to attend and begin the planning process. Members of community groups and individuals are all welcome. This year’s march starts out ahead of the game, as last year’s fundraising left more than $500 to cover the costs of this year’s march. If you have never organized an event before, this is an exciting place to start. Organizers can get creative to make the march anything they want it to be—a traditional protest march, a community fair, a political forum.

The Dyke March needs you! Your ideas, your artistic talent, your computer skills, your phone calling expertise, your leafleting zeal, your energy—and most of all, your presence and your commitment to Dyke community. Without you, there may be no Dyke March this year. Wouldn’t you miss it?

Leslie Robinson

Madelyn Arnold